Charts of winters past, present and yet to come


Courtesy of the Met Office

I know this is a bit late for those of you that hold to ‘meteorological’ seasons, but for the traditionalists amongst us, publishing it on the 24th of December seems just about right. Tomorrow may bring the warmest Christmas day on record or it may not, and early in the New Year we might see a cold northerly outbreak, not that the North Pole is that cold at the moment and there is a distinct lack of ice in Barents sea. But despite all this there is everything still to play for in Winter 2016/17 – well that’s what I keep telling myself – and just to cheer you all up here is what happened in January 1947!

The blue stars are extreme low minimums and the red diamonds (todo: make the red diamond blue – Bah! humbug) are extreme low maximums that are still standing.


About xmetman

I am an exmetman who is passionate about all things to do with weather and climate. I have no axe to grind, and am continually upsetting people on both sides of the global warming debate with the articles that I publish, hell, I'm even banned from commenting on the Met Office's own blog! What I do fight for is the freeing up of climate, observational and forecast data collected and created on our behalf by the Meteorological Office.
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