December 2016 in Central England

Figure 1

December 2016 can be summed up as a generally mild month where the daily CET value alternated between distinct periods of very mild and brief colder spells, especially at the start and end of the month, with a record warm Christmas day thrown in to boot just for good measure. Overall the final anomaly of +1.3°C for the month, will be forever dwarfed by the massive +5.0°C of the previous year!

Figure 2


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I am an exmetman who is passionate about all things to do with weather and climate. I have no axe to grind, and am continually upsetting people on both sides of the global warming debate with the articles that I publish, hell, I'm even banned from commenting on the Met Office's own blog! What I do fight for is the freeing up of climate, observational and forecast data collected and created on our behalf by the Meteorological Office.
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2 Responses to December 2016 in Central England

  1. bedfordweatherwise says:

    Also of note, surely, that it is the 3rd December out of 4 to be WARMER than the November it followed (after 2013 and 2015). I believe the usual return period for this is 1 in 16 years?


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